Meet ICPSE 2019 at University College Dublin, Ireland


Dr. Fabiano Pallonetto Fabiano Pallonetto

University College Dublin, Ireland

Dr Fabiano Pallonetto Fabiano Pallonetto is a Senior Power System Researcher with more than ten years’ experience in the energy and transport sectors working as an entrepreneur, data scientist and researcher across different industries and disciplines such as Computer Science, Renewable Energy Engineer, Sustainable Mobility, Data Analytics, Control Algorithms and Optimisation. He is bridging academic research to industrial needs applying his multidisciplinary industry and entrepreneurship experience to build solutions and solve technical challenges for the deployment and integration of the smart grid and its associated carbon footprint reduction.


Assoc. Prof. Amela Ajanovic

Energy Economics Group, Institute of Energy Systems and Electric Drives, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Amela Ajanovic is associate professor of Energy Economics at the Institute of Energy Systems and Electric Drives at the Technical University of Vienna in Austria. She teaches Energy Economics in transport.
Her current research focus is on (i) alternative fuels and alternative automotive technologies (ii) transition towards a sustainable transport system; (iii) transport energy policy strategies and (iv) long-term energy scenarios.
She holds a degree in electrical engineering and a PhD in energy economics at Vienna University of Technology. She is responsible for research, project acquisition and scientific coordination in the area of energy economics with a focus on sustainable transport. She works in these fields since more than ten years and has published more than 20 papers in peer-reviewed international journals.