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Special Session Title: Energy Trading and Market Participation of Electrical Vehicles

The spread of Electric vehicles (EVs) has accelerated even more in the last decade because of the need for providing less greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and more efficient use of energy. In addition to the environmental benefits, EVs are considered as the new type of electrical load with inherently different characteristics. Moreover, EVs are evaluated with the capability of offering operational flexibility. As an innovation provided by the smart grid, EVs’ flexibility is realized by facilitating integration into the power system in daily life.
From an economic perspective, EV integration requires a suitable trading platform and a market mechanism. Appropriate infrastructure is required to realize EV trading and its participation in the electricity market. Also, proper socio-techno-financial mechanisms should be designed for this purpose. The impacts of EV participation on the performance of electricity markets need to be addressed precisely. On the other hand, the development of effective decision-making tools can be of interest for the EV owners to participate more in a reliable trading mechanism.
To address recent achievements, this special session intends to cover the emerging finding in the area of EV energy trading and market participation. The subjects include, but not limited to:

 V2V energy trading
 Bidding strategy of EVs
 Participation of EVs in retail electricity market
 P2P trading platforms for EVs
 EV aggregators and wholesale electricity market
 V2G services and energy trading
 Potential role of EVs in market equilibrium
 Social impacts of active participation of EVs in electricity market
 Technical issues regarding energy trading of EVs
 Trading coordination of EVs and renewable resources
 Financial mechanisms for trading of EVs
 Lessons from successful experiences of EV participation in trading mechanisms
 Charging stations, energy trading challenges, and opportunities

Main Organizer
• Dr. Mohammad Reza Salehizadeh, Marvdasht Branch, Islamic Azad University, Iran
Other Organizer
• Dr. Ozan Erdinç, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey

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